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decline verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
declined, has declined, is declining, declines
declinar; descender; deteriorarse, decaer; rehusar; disminuir, decrecer

Example sentences of
decline verb

  • The construction of new houses declined five percent this year.
  • The animal's numbers are declining rapidly.
  • My grandmother's health has been declining since she broke her hip.
  • The civilization began to decline around 1000 B.C.
  • The company declined comment on the scandal.
  • He changed his mind and declined the company's offer.
  • I invited him, but he declined.

Detailed synonyms for decline verb

Decline, refuse, reject, turn down, repudiate, spurn, dismiss, rebuff significan negar la aceptación, la recepción o la consideración.
  • Decline indica una gentil denegación, particularmente de ofertas o invitaciones <declined the invitation to dinner>.
    antonyms: accept
  • Refuse connota una mayor resolución o descortesía y a menudo indica la denegación de algo que se espera o que se ha pedido <the bank had refused them the loan they needed>.
  • Reject, turn down indican una negativa imperiosa que equivale a despachar a la persona que hace la petición o desechar lo que se ha propuesto <rejected the plan as unworkable> <turning down every offer they made>.
    antonyms: accept, choose, select
  • Repudiate indica desechar o renegar de algo que se considera falso, no autorizado o que no merece aceptación <repudiating the values of their parents>.
    antonyms: adopt
  • Spurn recalca el desprecio con el cual se rechaza o repudia <spurned his generous offer>.
    antonyms: crave, embrace
  • Dismiss indica el rehusarse a pensar acerca de algo o a discutir algo seriamente <we dismissed his accusations>.
  • Rebuff implica el rehusar una oferta o sugerencia abruptamente y descortésmente <she rebuffed him when he asked for a date>.

decline noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
decadencia, deterioro; disminución, descenso; declive, pendiente

Example sentences of
decline noun

  • The economy experienced a decline of two million jobs.
  • He says that American industry is in a state of decline.
  • The town fell into decline after the factory closed down.
  • The economy experienced a decline of two million jobs.
  • We saw a sharp decline in sales this month.
  • Declines led advances at the end of the trading day.
  • There was some decline in stock prices at the end of the trading session.
  • a period of economic decline

Detailed synonyms for decline noun

Reverse translation for decline

declinar  - to decline, to turn down, to draw to a close, to diminish, to decline 
descender  - to descend, to come down, to descend, to go down, to drop, to fall, to lower, to take down, to let down 
deteriorarse  - to get damaged, to wear out, to deteriorate, to worsen 
decaer  - to decline, to decay, to deteriorate, to weaken, to flag 
rehusar  - to refuse 
disminuir  - to lower, to reduce, to decrease, to lower, to drop, to fall 
decrecer  - to decrease, to wane, to diminish 
decadencia  - decadence, decline 
deterioro  - deterioration, wear, worsening, decline 
disminución  - decrease, drop, fall 
descenso  - descent, drop, fall 
declive  - decline, slope, incline 
pendiente  - slope, incline, earring 
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