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2 Translation results for ring in Spanish

noun | verb

ring noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
anillo, sortija; aro; círculo; arena, ruedo; banda (de ladrones, etc.); timbre, sonido; llamada (por teléfono)

Example sentences of
ring noun

  • He gave her an engagement ring.
  • Wedding rings can be extremely expensive depending on the metal they are made of.
  • The telephone's ring is loud.

Synonyms of
ring noun

ring verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rang, has rung, is ringing, rings
sonar; tocar, hacer sonar (un timbre, una alarma, etc.); cercar, rodear; resonar; parecer

Example sentences of
ring verb

  • I'll ring you in the evening and we'll discuss plans for the party.
  • Little cottages ring the lake.

Synonyms of
ring verb

Phrasal verbs for ring

  • ring up - (figurado) llamar (a alguien)

Related phrases for ring

Reverse translation for ring

anillo  - ring 
sortija  - ring, curl, ringlet 
aro  - hoop, napkin ring, earring 
círculo  - circle, club, group 
arena  - sand, arena 
ruedo  - bullring, arena, rotation, turn, hem 
banda  (de ladrones, etc.) - band, strip, belt, band (of musicians), gang (of persons), flock (of birds) 
timbre  - bell, tone, timbre, seal, stamp, postage stamp 
sonido  - sound 
llamada  (por teléfono) - call 
sonar  - to ring, to sound, to blow (a trumpet, a nose), to ring (bells), to look or sound familiar 
tocar  - to knock, to ring, to touch, to feel, to handle, to touch on, to refer to, to concern, to affect, to play (a musical instrument) 
hacer sonar  (un timbre, una alarma, etc.)
cercar  - to fence in, to enclose, to surround 
rodear  - to surround, to go around, to round up (cattle), to beat around the bush 
resonar  - to resound, to ring 
parecer  - to seem, to look, to appear to be, to think, to have an opinion, to like, to be in agreement 
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