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return verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
returned, has returned, is returning, returns
devolver, volver (a poner), restituir; volver, regresar; producir, redituar, rendir; reaparecer, resurgir; responder

Example sentences of
return verb

  • We waited for you to return.
  • She is returning home tomorrow.
  • I'm leaving but will return at 2 p.m.
  • I have to return a book to the library.
  • I'm returning your ladder. Thanks for letting me borrow it.
  • The dishes were broken when they were delivered, so I had to return them.
  • I had to return the shirt and get a bigger size.
  • His jealousy returned when he saw his ex-wife with her new husband.

Detailed synonyms for return verb

1. Return, revert significan volver.
  • Return puede indicar el volver a un punto de partida u origen, o a un antiguo o apropiado lugar o condición <the winner returned home to an enthusiastic welcome>.
  • Revert puede aplicarse al acto de volver después de una interrupción <after that failure they reverted to their earlier method>.
2. See: Reciprocate

return noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
regreso, vuelta, retorno; rédito, rendimiento, ganancia

Example sentences of
return noun

  • We are looking forward to your return.
  • We're looking forward to our return to Europe.
  • The team looked forward to his return to coaching.
  • a return to the old ways of farming
  • the department's return to normal
  • The people celebrated their leader's return to power.

Synonyms of
return noun

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Reverse translation for return

devolver  - to return, to give back, to vomit, to throw up, to refund, to pay back, to vomit, to bring up 
volver  (a poner) - to return, to come or go back, to turn, to turn over, to turn inside out, to return, to repay, to restore, to revert, to cause, to make 
restituir  - to return, to restore, to reinstate 
volver  - to return, to come or go back, to turn, to turn over, to turn inside out, to return, to repay, to restore, to revert, to cause, to make 
regresar  - to return, to come back, to go back, to give back 
producir  - to produce, to make, to manufacture, to cause, to bring about, to bear (interest) 
redituar  - to produce, to yield 
rendir  - to render, to give, to progress, to make headway, to last, to go a long way, to yield, to exhaust 
reaparecer  - to reappear, to make a comeback 
resurgir  - to reappear, to revive 
responder  - to answer, to answer, to reply, to respond 
regreso  - return 
vuelta  - turn, circle, revolution, flip, turn, bend, curve, return, round, lap (in sports or games) 
retorno  - return 
rédito  - return, yield 
rendimiento  - performance, yield 
ganancia  - profit 
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