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regular adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
regular, normal, usual; uniforme; habitual, de costumbre

Example sentences of
regular adjective

  • Most days she follows a regular routine.
  • The town holds regular meetings.
  • We made regular use of the pool.
  • Getting regular exercise is important.
  • Exercise has become a regular part of my lifestyle.
  • He is a regular contributor to the magazine.
  • The seedlings were planted in regular rows.
  • The wallpaper has a regular pattern of stripes.
  • five regular payments of $100
¿Sabías esto?
  • El antónimo de regular es irregular.

Detailed synonyms for regular adjective

Regular, normal, typical, natural, standard, customary, common, average, everyday, usual, ordinary, commonplace significan que es del tipo o clase que se espera como usual, ordinario o promedio.
  • Regular recalca la conformidad con una regla, pauta o patrón <the regular monthly meeting of the organization>.
    antonyms: irregular
  • Normal indica la ausencia de desviación de lo que se ha descubierto o establecido como lo más usual o esperado <normal behavior for a two-year-old boy>.
    antonyms: abnormal
  • Typical indica que muestra todas las características importantes de un tipo, clase o grupo, y puede connotar la ausencia de una individualidad marcada <a typical small town>.
    antonyms: atypical, distinctive
  • Natural se aplica a lo que corresponde a la naturaleza, la función o el modo de ser esencial de una cosa <the natural love of a mother for her child>.
    antonyms: unnatural, artificial
  • Standard connota ser usado y reconocido regular y ampliamente <this was standard practice among car salesmen>.
  • Customary connota generalmente hecho bajo circunstancias particulares <it is customary to hold the door open for someone right behind you>.
  • Common sugiere un tipo que se ve regularmente y no se considera especial ni único <the common housefly> <a common occurrence>.
  • Average indica ser ordinario y frecuentemente connota la media o el promedio de una muestra <the average person>.
  • Everyday indica ser entronerado o usado rutinariamente <the problems of everyday life>.
  • Usual connota hecho, encontrado o usado la mayoría del tiempo o en la mayoría de los casos <she charges less than the usual fee>.
  • Ordinary connota rutinario o usual <just another ordinary day at work>.
  • Commonplace connota común y sin importancia <he photographed commonplace objects such as lamps and bowls>.

regular noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cliente habitual

Example sentences of
regular noun

  • They are regulars at the bar.
  • He is a regular on the television show.
  • the regulars on a baseball team
  • “What kind of gas do you put in your car?” “I use regular.”
  • We'll have one large soda and two regulars.
  • "What kind of gas do you put in your car?" "I use regular."

Reverse translation for regular

regular  - regular, fair, OK, so-so, medium, average 
normal  - normal, usual, standard 
usual  - usual, common, normal 
uniforme  - uniform 
habitual  - habitual, customary 
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