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common adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
comun, publico; general; ordinario, comun y corriente

Example sentences of
common adjective

  • They have a common ancestor.
  • The people on the island have a sense of common identity.
  • It is common practice for one town's fire department to help another town when there is a big fire.
  • Electric windows are a common feature in new cars.
  • “Smith” is a common name.
  • I think some of the most common flowers are also some of the prettiest.
  • cures for the common cold

Detailed synonyms for common adjective

1. Common, ordinary, plain, familiar, popular, everyday, standard, conventional significan aceptado por lo general, y que no es de ninguna manera especial, extraño o inusual.
  • Common indica normalidad en la cualidad cotidiana o la frecuencia de uso <a common error> <lacked common honesty>.
    antonyms: uncommon, exceptional
  • Ordinary recalca conformidad en cualidad o tipo con el orden regular de las cosas <an ordinary, pleasant summer day> <a very ordinary sort of man>.
    antonyms: extraordinary
  • Plain connota normalidad, así como una sencillez elemental <she comes from plain, hard-working folk>.
    antonyms: fancy, ornamental
  • Familiar recalca el hecho de ser generalmente conocido y fácilmente reconocido <a familiar melody>.
    antonyms: unfamiliar, strange
  • Popular se aplica a lo que se acepta o es común entre las personas en general, a veces en contraste con las clases altas o grupos especiales <the kind of hero typically found in popular fiction>.
    antonyms: unpopular, esoteric
  • Everyday connota algo encontrado o usado constantemente <everyday clothes>.
  • Standard indica algo usado ampliamente y aceptado como la norma <standard practice in his industry>.
  • Conventional indica algo aceptado por la mayoría de las personas basado en convención pero que frecuentementente es aburrido <his views on dating are more conventional than those of his peers>.
2. See: Regular

common noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tierra comunal

Example sentences of
common noun

  • The campus has several dining commons.

Related phrases for common

Reverse translation for common

comun  - common 
publico  - public 
general  - general 
ordinario  - ordinary, coarse, common, vulgar 
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