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path noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
camino, sendero, senda; recorrido, trayecto, trayectoria

Example sentences of
path noun

  • We followed a winding path through the woods.
  • The path led down the hill.
  • The car skidded into the path of an oncoming truck.
  • The fire destroyed everything in its path.
  • The cars moved aside to clear a path for the ambulance.
  • He tried to leave but one of the guards blocked his path.
  • They are heading down a dangerous path that could lead to war.

Synonyms of
path noun

Reverse translation for path

camino  - path, road, journey, way 
sendero  - path, way 
senda  - path, way 
recorrido  - journey, trip, path, route, course, round (in golf) 
trayecto  - journey, route, trajectory, path 
trayectoria  - course, path, trajectory 
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