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noun | verb

course noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
curso, transcurso; rumbo (de un avión), derrota, derrotero (de un barco); camino, vía; plato (de una cena); curso (académico)

Example sentences of
course noun

  • She's taking a chemistry course this semester.
  • The pilot brought the plane back on course.
  • The ship was blown off course by a storm.
  • There is no cure, but the treatment will slow the course of the disease.
  • the course of a river
  • Students earn the degree after a two-year course of study.

Synonyms of
course noun

course verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
coursed, has coursed, is coursing, courses
correr (a toda velocidad)

Example sentences of
course verb

  • the blood coursing through my veins
  • Tears were coursing down his cheeks.

Related phrases for course

Reverse translation for course

curso  - course, direction, school year, course, subject (in school) 
transcurso  - course, progression 
rumbo  (de un avión) - direction, course, ostentation, pomp, lavishness, generosity 
derrota  - defeat, rout, course (at sea) 
derrotero  (de un barco) - course 
camino  - path, road, journey, way 
vía  - road, route, way, means, way, track, line (of a railroad), tract, passage 
plato  (de una cena) - plate, dish, serving, helping, course (of a meal), dish, home plate (in baseball) 
curso  (académico) - course, direction, school year, course, subject (in school) 
correr  (a toda velocidad) - to run, to race, to travel over, to cover, to move, to slide, to roll, to draw (curtains), to rush, to flow 
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