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noun | verb

move noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
movimiento; mudanza (de casa), traslado; paso

Example sentences of
move noun

  • He made a sudden move that scared away the squirrel.
  • an athlete who has some good moves
  • The policeman warned him not to make any false moves.
  • He was afraid to make a move.
  • No one is sure what his next move will be.
  • He's preparing for his move to California.

Synonyms of
move noun

move verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
moved, has moved, is moving, moves
ir; mover; mudarse, trasladarse; inducir, persuadir; moverse; conmover; proponer

Example sentences of
move verb

  • He moved the chair closer to the table.
  • It may be necessary to move the patient to intensive care.
  • The breeze moved the branches of the trees.
  • The branches moved gently in the breeze.
  • She was unable to move her legs.
  • She was so frightened that she could hardly move.
  • I moved over so that she could sit next to me.
  • We moved into the shade.
  • The police were moving through the crowd telling people to move toward the exit.
  • We could hear someone moving around upstairs.
¿Cuándo la gente dice to move, a que se refieren?
  • Cuando la gente dice que esta moving, generalmente quieren decir que están trasladándose a otra casa o base. Ejemplo: John wants to study in Europe, so he will move there next year. Otro ejemplo: My wife's job requires us to move often. Otro ejemplo adicional: Moving is a lot of hassle, so I'd rather stay in this small apartment.
    To move out significa dejar la vieja casa, mientras que to move in significa entrar a la nueva. Ejemplo: This will be our last rental payment because we are moving out next month. Otro ejemplo: The new neighbors are moving in this afternoon. Why won't we drop by and say hello?
¿Qué significa to move on?
  • To move on significa ir a un lugar, tema, o actividad distinta: Let's put that issue aside and move on.

Detailed synonyms for move verb

Move, drive, impel, propel significan poner o mantener en marcha.
  • Move es muy general y no indica más que el mero hecho de cambiar de posición <the force that moves the moon around the earth>.
  • Drive indica el impartir movimiento continuo hacia adelante, y recalca a menudo el efecto más que el ímpetu <a ship driven onto the rocks by powerful winds>.
  • Impel connota un ímpetu mayor que produce una acción más precipitada <felt impelled to tell them what he knew about the crime>.
  • Propel sugiere empujar o conducir a alguien o a algo hacia delante, generalmente por medios mecánicos <bicycles are propelled by pedals>.

Phrasal verbs for move

Related phrases for move

Reverse translation for move

movimiento  - movement, motion 
mudanza  (de casa) - change, move, moving 
traslado  - transfer, move, copy 
paso  - passage, passing, way, path, crossing, step, pace, gait 
ir  - to go, to lead, to extend, to stretch, to work, to function, to get on, to get along 
mover  - to move, to shift, to shake, to nod (the head), to power, to drive, to provoke, to cause, to excite, to stir 
mudarse  - to move (one's residence), to change (clothes) 
trasladarse  - to move, to relocate 
inducir  - to induce, to cause, to infer, to deduce 
persuadir  - to persuade 
moverse  - to move, to move over, to hurry, to get a move on, to get moving, to make an effort 
conmover  - to move, to touch, to shake up 
proponer  - to propose, to suggest, to nominate 
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