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mover verbo

to move, to shift; to shake, to nod (the head); to power, to drive; to provoke, to cause; to excite, to stir

Reverse translation for mover

to move  - ir, mover, mudarse, trasladarse, inducir, persuadir, moverse, conmover, proponer 
to shift  - cambiar, mover, moverse, transferir 
to shake  - sacudir, agitar, hacer temblar, temblar, sacudirse, debilitar, hacer flaquear, afectar, alterar 
to nod  (the head)
to power  - impulsar, propulsar 
to drive  - impeler, impulsar, manejar, conducir, guiar, manejar (un vehículo), obligar, forzar, clavar, hincar 
to provoke  - provocar 
to cause  - causar, provocar, ocasionar 
to excite  - excitar, mover, estimular, entusiasmar, animar, provocar, despertar, suscitar 
to stir  - mover, agitar, moverse, agitarse, revolver, remover, incitar, impulsar, motivar 
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