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verb | adjective

lower verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
lowered, has lowered, is lowering, lowers
bajar; arriar; reducir

Example sentences of
lower verb

  • Please lower your voice.

Detailed synonyms for lower verb

See: Abase

low adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
bajo; suave; poco profundo; humilde, modesto; deprimido, bajo de moral; inferior; mal

Example sentences of
low adjective

  • The apartment has low ceilings.
  • They measured temperatures as low as 10 below zero.
  • He's being treated for low blood pressure.
  • He takes a low dose of medicine.
  • She earns a low salary.
  • Demand for his books has remained low.
  • Temperatures were in the low eighties.
  • Our supply of fuel is getting low.
  • They have a home in the low country.
  • The houses are built on low ground.
¿Cuando uso low y cuando short?
  • El adjetivo low es el antónimo de high y se usa para describir cosas que tienen una base amplia, como montañas, sillas, mesas, etc., o objetos que no tocan el suelo, como un techo, una fruta que cuelga de un árbol, etc. Ejemplo: The road passes through the low mountains. Otro ejemplo: It is easier to pick the low-hanging fruits.
    Para objetos con una forma delgada, como personas, árboles, o pilares, se usa el adjetivo short (que es el antónimo de tall).

Detailed synonyms for low adjective

See: Base

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Reverse translation for lower

bajar  - to drop, to fall, to lower, to let down, to take down, to come down, to go down, to reduce (prices), to ebb (of tides), to lower, to bow (the head), to go down, to descend 
arriar  - to lower (a flag, etc.), to slacken (a rope, etc.) 
reducir  - to reduce, to decrease, to cut, to subdue, to boil down 
bajo  - low, short (of stature), soft, faint, deep (of sounds), lower, lowered, base, vile 
suave  - soft, smooth, gentle, mild, great, fantastic 
humilde  - humble, lowly 
modesto  - modest 
deprimido  - depressed, (informal) down in the dumps, (place) sunken 
inferior  - inferior, lower 
mal  - bad 
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