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noun | verb

leaning noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tendencia, inclinación

Example sentences of
leaning noun

  • the news media are often accused of having liberal leanings
  • despite what his athletic leanings might suggest, he was actually a very lazy kid

Detailed synonyms for leaning noun

Leaning, inclination, propensity, proclivity, penchant, flair significan un fuerte instinto o gusto para algo.
  • Leaning, inclination connotan un gusto o una atracción que no es lo suficientemente fuerte como para ser decisiva o incontrolable <a liberal with socialist leanings> <a girl with artistic inclinations>.
    antonyms: distaste
  • Propensity indica un anhelo innato o profundamente arraigado, a menudo irresistible <the propensity of Americans to spend more than they save>.
    antonyms: antipathy
  • Proclivity indica una fuerte tendencia, natural o habitual, hacia algo ofensivo o maligno <his scary proclivity for violence>.
  • Penchant indica un gusto muy marcado por algo, o una atracción irresistible ejercida por algo <has a penchant for taking risks>.
  • Flair indica una atracción instintiva que conduce a uno hacia algo <she had a real flair for writing clever ads>.

lean verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
leaned, has leaned, is leaning, leans
apoyar; inclinar; sostenerse

Example sentences of
lean verb

  • He leaned back in his chair.
  • He leaned his chair back.

Detailed synonyms for lean verb

See: Slant

Reverse translation for leaning

tendencia  - tendency, inclination, trend 
inclinación  - inclination, tendency, incline, slope 
apoyar  - to support, to back, to lean, to rest 
inclinar  - to tilt, to lean, to incline 
sostenerse  - to stand, to hold oneself up, to continue, to remain 
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