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3 Translation results for slant in Spanish

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slant noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
inclinación; perspectiva, enfoque

Example sentences of
slant noun

  • The computer keyboard is positioned at a slant so that typing is more comfortable for the wrists.
  • He sliced the carrots on a slant.

Synonyms of
slant noun

slant verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
slanted, has slanted, is slanting, slants
inclinar; inclinarse, ladearse; sesgar, orientar, dirigir

Example sentences of
slant verb

  • The sunlight slanted down through the leaves and branches of the trees.
  • She slanted her hat a little to the right.
  • They deliberately slanted the story to make themselves look good.

Synonyms of
slant verb

Detailed synonyms for slant verb

Slant, slope, lean, tilt, tip significan divergir o hacer divergir de la vertical o la horizontal.
  • Slant indica una divergencia física notable sin indicar nada en cuanto al grado de divergencia <the roof of the house slanted down to the garage>.
  • Slope, a menudo intercambiable con slant, puede preferirse cuando se quiere hacer referencia a una divergencia gradual de un lado o una superficie <the land slopes to the east>.
  • Lean puede recalcar el dar una dirección específica a una inclinación <leaned the ladder against the wall>, o el deseo o el acto de descansar, real o figuradamente, sobre algo que apoya <leaning back in his chair>.
  • Tilt connota inclinarse o causar que algo o alguien se incline hacia un lado <she tilted her head back>.
  • Tip sugiere estar inclinado o sesgado <support from this small party tipped the balance in their favor>.

slant adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Reverse translation for slant

inclinación  - inclination, tendency, incline, slope 
perspectiva  - perspective, view, prospect, outlook 
enfoque  - focus 
inclinar  - to tilt, to lean, to incline 
inclinarse  - to lean, to lean over 
ladearse  - to bend (over) 
sesgar  - to cut on the bias, to tilt, to bias, to slant 
orientar  - to orient, to position, to guide, to direct 
dirigir  - to direct, to lead, to address, to aim, to point, to conduct (music) 
inclinado  - sloping, inclined, apt 
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