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2 Translation results for leak in Spanish

noun | verb

leak noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
agujero (en recipientes), gotera (en un tejado); fuga, escape; filtración (de información)

Example sentences of
leak noun

  • The boat had developed a bad leak.
  • The landlord said he would fix the leak in the roof.
  • a slow leak of the chemical
  • When a reporter revealed classified information, the source of the leak was investigated.
  • Security is high because of a fear of leaks before negotiations have been finished.

Synonyms of
leak noun

leak verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
leaked, has leaked, is leaking, leaks
perder, dejar escapar (un líquido o un gas); gotear, escaparse, fugarse (dícese de un líquido o un gas); hacer agua (dícese de un bote); filtrar (información); filtrarse, divulgarse (dícese de información)

Example sentences of
leak verb

  • The boat was leaking water.
  • The cracked pipe leaked fumes into the room.
  • Fumes leaked through the crack in the pipe.
  • Air leaked out of the tire.
  • Water was leaking through a hole in the roof.
  • Someone leaked the story to the press.

Related phrases for leak

Reverse translation for leak

agujero  (en recipientes) - hole 
gotera  (en un tejado) - leak, stain (from dripping water) 
fuga  - flight, escape, fugue, leak 
escape  - escape, exhaust (from a vehicle) 
filtración  (de información) - seepage, leaking 
perder  - to lose, to lose, to miss, to waste (time) 
dejar escapar  (un líquido o un gas)
gotear  - to drip, to drizzle, to leak 
escaparse  - to escape notice, to leak out 
fugarse  (dícese de un líquido o un gas) - to escape, to flee, to run away, to elope 
hacer agua  (dícese de un bote)
filtrar  (información) - to filter 
filtrarse  - to seep through, to leak 
divulgarse  (dícese de información)
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