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escape verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
escaped, has escaped, is escaping, escapes
escaparse de, librarse de, evitar; escaparse, fugarse, huir

Example sentences of
escape verb

  • They managed to escape from the burning building.
  • He needed a vacation to escape the routine of daily life.
  • She moved to the city to escape the memory of her mother's death.
  • He succeeded in escaping punishment for many years.
  • trying to help people to escape poverty
  • trying to help people to escape from poverty
  • A few passengers somehow escaped injury.
  • She barely escaped death when her car slid off the road.
  • Several passengers escaped without injury.

Synonyms of
escape verb

Detailed synonyms for escape verb

Escape, avoid, evade, elude, shun, duck, dodge significan alejarse o mantenerse lejos de algo.
  • Escape recalca el hecho de alejarse, o de haber sido pasado o dejado de lado, sin haber hecho necesariamente un esfuerzo o haber tenido una intención deliberada <nothing escapes her sharp eyes>.
  • Avoid recalca premeditación y precaución en el mantenerse lejos de peligro o dificultad <through careful planning they avoided the fate of the previous expeditions>.
    antonyms: face, meet
  • Evade indica destreza, ingenio o falta de escrúpulos en el escapar o evitar <evaded the question by changing the subject>.
  • Elude indica una cualidad resbalosa o desconcertante en la persona o cosa que se aleja <by taking back roads they had eluded the police for hours>.
  • Shun suele indicar el evitar como práctica o política de costumbre y puede indicar repugnancia o aborrecimiento <after her husband's arrest, she noticed she was being shunned by their neighbors>.
  • Duck se usa informalmente para implicar la evasión de una pregunta o responsabilidad <she ducked the issue whenever it was mentioned>.
  • Dodge sugiere evadir diestramente a alguien o algo, especialmente por engaño <they managed to dodge the reporters by leaving through the back exit>.

escape noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fuga, huida, escapada; escape; escapatoria, evasión

Example sentences of
escape noun

  • The prisoners attempted a daring escape.
  • He celebrated his escape from his boring job with a long vacation.
  • She had a lucky escape when she wasn't injured in the accident.
  • She managed to avoid serious injury, but it was a narrow escape.
  • The door was locked; there was no escape.
  • Gardening offered an escape from her busy life.
  • an accidental escape of poisonous gases
  • trying to prevent further escape of liquid

Synonyms of
escape noun

escape sustantivo

escape; exhaust (from a vehicle)

escapar verbo

to escape, to flee, to run away

Related phrases for escape

Reverse translation for escape

evitar  - to avoid, (informal) to steer clear of, to prevent, to escape, to elude 
escaparse  - to escape notice, to leak out 
fugarse  - to escape, to flee, to run away, to elope 
huir  - to escape, to flee, to get away 
fuga  - flight, escape, fugue, leak 
huida  - flight, escape 
escapada  - flight, escape 
escape  - escape, exhaust (from a vehicle) 
escapatoria  - loophole, excuse, pretext, escape, flight 
evasión  - escape, flight, evasion, dodge 
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