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2 Translation results for dodge in Spanish

verb | noun

dodge verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dodged, has dodged, is dodging, dodges
esquivar, eludir, evadir; (informal) evadir (impuestos)

Example sentences of
dodge verb

  • He dodged the first punch but was hit by the second.
  • She dodged through the crowds as she hurried home.
  • We dodged between the cars as we raced across the street.
  • They managed to dodge the reporters by leaving through the back exit.
  • She accused him of dodging his responsibilities as a parent.

Synonyms of
dodge verb

Detailed synonyms for dodge verb

See: Escape

dodge noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
truco, treta, artimaña; regate, evasión

Example sentences of
dodge noun

  • It was just another dodge to get out of working.
  • just another dodge to get out of working in the yard

Synonyms of
dodge noun

Reverse translation for dodge

esquivar  - to dodge, to evade, to avoid 
eludir  - to evade, to avoid, to elude 
evadir  - to evade, to avoid 
 (informal) evadir (impuestos)
truco  - trick, knack 
treta  - trick, ruse 
artimaña  - ruse, trick 
regate  - dodge, feint 
evasión  - escape, flight, evasion, dodge 
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