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incline verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
inclined, has inclined, is inclining, inclines
inclinar, bajar; inclinarse; tender; predisponer

Example sentences of
incline verb

  • She listened with her eyes closed and her head inclined.
  • The road inclines at an angle of about 12 degrees.
  • His love of books inclined him toward a literary career.

Detailed synonyms for incline verb

Incline, bias, dispose, predispose, prejudice significan influir sobre uno, o tener o adoptar una actitud hacia algo.
  • Incline indica una tendencia a favorecer una de dos o más acciones o conclusiones <inclined to do nothing for the moment>.
    antonyms: disincline, indispose
  • Bias connota una inclinación, establecida y previsible, en una dirección determinada y connota un prejuicio injusto <biased against women>.
  • Dispose connota el afectar el temperamento o humor de uno con el fin de hacerlo más receptivo hacia algo o alguien <she had never been disposed to arguing>.
  • Predispose indica la operación de una influencia que dispone a uno mucho antes de que llegue su oportunidad de manifestarse <a bad diet had predisposed him to heart attacks>.
  • Prejudice connota causar que alguien tenga un sentimiento, generalmente negativo, por algo o alguien <an old scandal had already prejudiced consumers against the company>.

Reverse translation for inclining

inclinar  - to tilt, to lean, to incline 
bajar  - to drop, to fall, to lower, to let down, to take down, to come down, to go down, to reduce (prices), to ebb (of tides), to lower, to bow (the head), to go down, to descend 
inclinarse  - to lean, to lean over 
tender  - to spread out, to lay out, to hang out (clothes), to lay (cables, etc.), to set (a trap) 
predisponer  - to predispose, to incline, to prejudice, to bias 
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