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head noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cabeza; mente; cabeza (de un clavo, un martillo, etc.), cabecera (de una mesa o un río), punta (de una flecha), flor (de un repollo, etc.), encabezamiento (de una carta, etc.), espuma (de cerveza); director, -tora; jefe, -fa; cabeza (de una familia); cara (de una moneda)

Example sentences of
head noun

  • She patted the dog on the head.
  • He nodded his head in agreement.
  • The ceiling's low—watch your head!

Synonyms of
head noun

head adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
head adjective

  • as head editor at the TV station for 17 years, he has hired and fired innumerable staff members

Synonyms of
head adjective

head verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
headed, has headed, is heading, heads
dirigirse; encabezar; dirigir

Example sentences of
head verb

  • The group was headed by the church pastor.
  • He was accused of heading the revolt.
  • I hopped in the car and headed down the street.
  • After lunch, we headed back to the office.
  • She headed out early this morning.
  • The birds have already started heading south for the winter.
  • The forward headed the ball into the goal.

Synonyms of
head verb

Related phrases for head

Reverse translation for head

cabeza  - head 
mente  - mind 
cabeza  (de un clavo, un martillo, etc.) - head 
cabecera  (de una mesa o un río) - headboard, head, heading, headline, headwaters 
punta  (de una flecha) - tip, end, point (of a weapon or pencil), point, headland, bunch, lot 
flor  (de un repollo, etc.) - flower 
encabezamiento  (de una carta, etc.) - heading, salutation, opening 
espuma  (de cerveza) - foam, lather, froth, head (on beer) 
director  - director, manager, head, conductor (of an orchestra) 
jefe  - chief, head, leader, boss 
cabeza  (de una familia) - head 
cara  (de una moneda) - face, look, appearance, nerve, gall 
principal  - main, principal, foremost, leading 
dirigirse  - to go towards, to speak to, to address 
encabezar  - to head, to lead, to put a heading on, to spearhead 
dirigir  - to direct, to lead, to address, to aim, to point, to conduct (music) 
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