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direct adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
directo; franco

Example sentences of
direct adjective

  • I found a more direct route to the city.
  • That way is more direct.
  • Keep these plants out of direct sunlight.
  • The coastline was exposed to the direct force of the hurricane.
  • The weather had a direct effect on our plans.
  • There's a direct connection between the two events.
  • The investigation began in direct response to the newspaper story.

Synonyms of
direct adjective

Detailed synonyms for direct adjective

Direct, immediate, firsthand significan ininterrumpido.
  • Direct connota una conexión continua entre una cosa y otra, por ejemplo, entre causa y efecto, fuente y producto o principio y fin <payments that may have had a direct connection with the murder>.
  • Immediate recalca la ausencia de un medio o influencia interviniente <dealing with the immediate situation required all his attention>.
  • Firsthand connota venir directamente de experiencia u observación actual <a firsthand account of the battle>.

direct verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
directed, has directed, is directing, directs
dirigir, mandar; indicarle el camino (a alguien), orientar; ordenar

Example sentences of
direct verb

  • Be sure that the water nozzle is directed downward.
  • The sloping ground helps direct water away from the home.
  • Let me direct your attention to the book's second chapter.
  • We were asked to direct our thoughts and prayers to the people who survived the disaster.
  • The students directed their efforts toward improving their community.
  • A lot of the criticism has been directed toward the concert's organizers.
  • He is responsible for directing the activities of the sales team.
  • In my current position, I direct a staff of over 200 employees.
  • We need someone to direct traffic.

Detailed synonyms for direct verb

direct adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
direct adverb

  • It costs less if you buy it direct from the manufacturer.
  • flew direct to the coast

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Reverse translation for direct

directo  - direct, straight, immediate 
franco  - frank, candid, outspoken, clear, obvious, free 
dirigir  - to direct, to lead, to address, to aim, to point, to conduct (music) 
mandar  - to be the boss, to be in charge, to command, to order, to send, to hurl, to throw 
indicarle el camino  (a alguien)
orientar  - to orient, to position, to guide, to direct 
ordenar  - to order, to command, to put in order, to arrange, to ordain (a priest) 
directamente  - straight, directly 
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