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get verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
got, has gotten, is getting, gets
conseguir, obtener, adquirir; ponerse, volverse, hacerse; recibir; ir, avanzar; llegar; ganar; traer; tomar (un tren, etc.), agarrar (una pelota, una persona, etc.); contagiarse de, contraer; preparar (una comida); persuadir, mandar a hacer; entender

Example sentences of
get verb

  • He got a new bicycle for his birthday.
  • I never did get an answer to my question.
  • I got a letter from my lawyer.
  • She got a phone call from her sister.
  • Did you get my message?
  • You need to get your mother's permission to go.
  • She hasn't been able to get a job.
  • If you want to be successful you need to get a good education.
  • It took us a while to get the waiter's attention.
  • It took us a while to get a taxi.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es got.
¿Sabes lo que significa get along?
  • Get along significa ser o seguir siendo amigable. Esto es frecuentemente seguido por with each other. Ejemplo: If you get along so well with each other, why won't you meet more often for a chat or a game?
¿Qué significa let someone get to you?
  • Si tu let someone get to you, significa que dejas que una persona hiera tus sentimientos en lugar de ignorar su comportamiento, el que puede ser inaceptable u ofensivo. Ejemplo: You can't let your roommate get to you; just ignore his irritating questions.

Detailed synonyms for get verb

1. Get, obtain, procure, secure, acquire, gain, win, earn significan entrar en posesión de algo.
  • Get es un término muy general, y puede o no indicar esfuerzo o iniciativa <got a bicycle for his birthday>.
  • Obtain connota el conseguir algo, habiendo dedicado tiempo y esfuerzo en alcanzarlo <obtained statements from the witnesses>.
  • Procure indica esfuerzo en la obtención de algo, ya sea para uno mismo o para otro <in charge of procuring supplies for the office>.
  • Secure indica contratiempos en el obtener, o el tener seguramente en la posesión o bajo el control de uno <had secured a valuable construction contract>.
  • Acquire suele connotar el añadir a lo que ya se posee <acquired several large farms>.
    antonyms: forfeit
  • Gain connota lucha o competencia y por lo general un valor material en lo obtenido <gradually gained a reputation as a drummer>.
    antonyms: lose
  • Win connota qué circunstancias o cualidades favorables fueron factores en la obtención <won the admiration of his teammates>.
    antonyms: lose
  • Earn indica una correspondencia entre el esfuerzo de uno y lo que se consigue mediante este esfuerzo <the performance earned her several awards>.
2. See: Induce

get noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

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Reverse translation for get

conseguir  - to get, to obtain, to achieve, to attain, to manage to 
obtener  - to obtain, to secure, to get 
adquirir  - to acquire, to gain, to purchase 
ponerse  - to move (into a position), to put on, to wear, to thrown on (clothes), to become, to turn, to set (of the sun or moon) 
volverse  - to become, to turn around 
hacerse  - to become, to pretend, to act, to play, to seem, to get, to grow 
recibir  - to receive, to get, to receive visitors, to welcome 
ir  - to go, to lead, to extend, to stretch, to work, to function, to get on, to get along 
avanzar  - to advance, to move forward 
llegar  - to arrive, to come 
ganar  - to win, to win, to gain, to profit, to earn, to acquire, to obtain 
traer  - to bring, to cause, to bring about, to carry, to have, to wear 
tomar  (un tren, etc.) - to drink (alcohol), to take, to drink, to capture, to seize 
agarrar  (una pelota, una persona, etc.) - to grab, to grasp, to catch, to take, to grapple 
contraer  - to contract (a disease), to establish by contract, to tighten, to contract 
preparar  (una comida) - to prepare, to make ready, to teach, to train, to coach 
persuadir  - to persuade 
entender  - to figure out, to understand, to think, to believe, to mean, to intend, to infer, to deduce 
descendencia  - descendants, descent, lineage 
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