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2 Translation results for entender in English

verbo | sustantivo

entender verbo

to figure out; to understand; to think, to believe; to mean, to intend; to infer, to deduce

entender sustantivo

in my opinion

Reverse translation for entender

to figure out  - entender, resolver (un problema, etc.) 
to understand  - comprender, entender, tener entendido 
to think  - pensar, razonar, considerar, creer, opinar, reflexionar, ocurrirse, concebir 
to believe  - creer 
to mean  - querer, pensar, tener la intención de, querer decir, significar, importar 
to intend  - querer decir, tener planeado, proyectar, proponerse 
to infer  - deducir, inferir, concluir, suponer, tener entendido, sugerir, insinuar 
to deduce  - deducir, inferir 
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