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fit verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
fit, has fit, is fitting, fits
corresponder a, coincidir con; quedar, entallar; encajar, cuadrar; caber, encajar en; poner, colocar; adecuar, ajustar, adaptar

Example sentences of
fit verb

  • The suit fits him perfectly.
  • I hope this key fits the lock.
  • The two pieces fit each other perfectly.
  • This calculator will fit nicely in your shirt pocket.
  • The two pieces fit together perfectly.
  • How many people can fit in a phone booth?
  • The box was too large to fit through the door.
  • I can't fit all these groceries into the trunk of my car.
  • We weren't able to fit the box through the door.
  • fitting the jacket to the customer

Synonyms of
fit verb

fit noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ataque, acceso, arranque

Detailed synonyms for fit noun

Fit, attack, paroxysm, spasm, convulsion, throe, tantrum significan un acometimiento repentino causado por una condición física o mental anormal.
  • Fit a veces señala un acometimiento repentino o un periodo de actividad caracterizado por un aumento de actividad característica de una enfermedad <a fit of rage>.
  • Attack indica un acometimiento súbito y a menudo violento, pero sin hacer indicación alguna en cuanto a duración <an anxiety attack>.
  • Paroxysm se refiere a un súbito acometimiento o intensificación de un síntoma o de un estado, y a su repetición <paroxysms of coughing>.
  • Spasm connota contracciones musculares súbitas e involuntarias <suffered from spasms of his back muscles>, o el estar momentáneamente dominado por una emoción o un estado paralizante <seized by spasms of fear>.
  • Convulsion connota repetidos espasmos que contraen y relajan los músculos alternativamente y producen violentas contorsiones y distorsiones <a revolutionary convulsion that almost brought down the government>.
  • Throe generalmente se usa en el plural y connota un esfuerzo, una emoción o una sensación violenta y temporal <the throes of childbirth>.
  • Tantrum sugiere un periodo corto de temperamento malo o comportamiento irrazonable <a child's noisy tantrum>.

fit adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
adecuado, apropiado, conveniente; calificado, competente; sano, en forma

Example sentences of
fit adjective

  • Patients are encouraged to get fit.
  • Are you fit enough to walk there?

Detailed synonyms for fit adjective

1. Fit, suitable, proper, appropriate, fitting, apt, applicable significan justo o idóneo para un fin, necesidad, uso o circunstancia determinada.
  • Fit recalca la adaptabilidad y a veces una preparación especial para el uso o acción <prayed for a world fit for children>.
    antonyms: unfit
  • Suitable indica el satisfacer ciertos requisitos o exigencias <clothes suitable for camping>.
    antonyms: unbecoming, unsuitable
  • Proper connota una idoneidad que se debe a la naturaleza esencial o a la observación de costumbres <the proper role of the vice president>.
    antonyms: improper
  • Appropriate indica una idoneidad eminente o distintiva <an appropriate gift for a graduate>.
    antonyms: inappropriate
  • Fitting indica una armonía de temperamento, tono o propósito <it was fitting that she should be honored along with her husband>.
  • Apt connota una idoneidad caracterizada por la sutileza y el discernimiento <included some apt quotations in her speech>.
    antonyms: inapt
  • Applicable describe una regla o un principio general que es apropiado a un caso en particular <none of these laws were applicable to the current situation>.
2. See: Healthy

Phrasal verbs for fit

Related phrases for fit

Reverse translation for fit

quedar  - to remain, to stay, to be, to be situated, to be left, to fit, to suit 
entallar  - to tailor, to fit, to take in, to fit 
encajar  - to fit, to fit together, to fit in, to insert, to stick, to take, to cope with 
cuadrar  - to conform, to agree, to square 
caber  - to fit, to go, to be possible 
poner  - to contribute, to put, to place, to set up, to establish, to install, to put in, to make, to turn on, to switch on, to suppose, to lay (eggs), to lay eggs, to put in, to add, 
colocar  - to place, to put, to find a job for, to invest 
adecuar  - to adapt, to make suitable 
ajustar  - to adjust, to adapt, to take in (clothing), to settle, to resolve 
adaptar  - to adapt, to adjust, to fit 
ataque  - attack, assault, fit 
acceso  - access, admittance, entrance 
arranque  - starter (of a car), outburst, fit 
adecuado  - suitable, appropriate, adequate 
apropiado  - appropriate, proper, suitable 
conveniente  - convenient, suitable, advisable 
competente  - competent, able 
sano  - healthy, wholesome, whole, intact 
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