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adjective | verb

appropriate adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
apropiado, adecuado, idóneo

Example sentences of
appropriate adjective

  • Red wine would have been a more appropriate choice with the meal.
  • The movie is perfectly appropriate to people of all ages.

Synonyms of
appropriate adjective

Detailed synonyms for appropriate adjective

See: Fit

appropriate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
appropriated, has appropriated, is appropriating, appropriates
apropiarse de; destinar, asignar

Example sentences of
appropriate verb

  • The town has appropriated funds to repair the bridge and work should begin this summer.
  • The economy has been weakened by corrupt officials who have appropriated the country's resources for their own use.
  • Elements of the design were appropriated from other architects.
  • The term “bad” has been appropriated by teenagers as a synonym for “good.”
  • The term "bad" has been appropriated by teenagers as a synonym for "good."

Detailed synonyms for appropriate verb

Appropriate, preempt, arrogate, usurp, confiscate, grab, commandeer significan apoderarse arbitrariamente de algo.
  • Appropriate connota hacerse dueño de algo o convertir algo para uso propio, sin autorización o con derecho cuestionable <the dictator had soon appropriated the grandest houses for his own use>.
  • Preempt indica premeditación en el acto de tomar algo que otros desean o necesitan <the shocking news preempted the regular TV programs all evening>.
  • Arrogate indica insolencia, atrevimiento y la exclusión de los demás en la toma o confiscación de derechos, poderes o funciones <the president's advisers had arrogated powers belonging to the Congress>.
    antonyms: renounce, yield
  • Usurp indica una intrusión ilegal o injustificada en el lugar de otro, y el quitar a éste lo que es suyo por costumbre, derecho o ley <this new wife had usurped the daughter's place in the household>.
    antonyms: abdicate
  • Confiscate siempre indica apoderarse de una cosa mediante el ejercicio de la autoridad <customs officials confiscate tons of drugs every year>.
  • Grab indica una toma o apropiación simple, súbita y frecuentemente injusta <called the bill an attempt to grab public lands for private corporations>.
  • Commandeer indica la toma de algo, tal como un vehículo o edificio, por la fuerza, especialmente para propósitos militares <the soldiers were commandeering farmers' trucks to transport the injured>.

Reverse translation for appropriate

apropiado  - appropriate, proper, suitable 
adecuado  - suitable, appropriate, adequate 
idóneo  - suitable, fitting 
destinar  - to appoint, to assign, to earmark, to allot 
asignar  - to assign, to allocate, to appoint 
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