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extricate verb

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extricated, has extricated, is extricating, extricates
librar, sacar

Example sentences of
extricate verb

  • Several survivors were extricated from the wreckage.
  • They extricated the tractor from the mud.
  • She hasn't been able to extricate herself from her legal problems.

Synonyms of
extricate verb

Detailed synonyms for extricate verb

Extricate, disentangle, untangle significan librar de lo que sujeta o refrena.
  • Extricate indica el uso de la fuerza o del ingenio en el librar de una posición o situación difícil <clever at extricating himself from awkward situations>.
  • Disentangle connota una meticulosa separación de una cosa de algo que enreda o enmaraña <a biography that disentangles the myths surrounding the subject>.
    antonyms: entangle
  • Untangle a veces se usa en lugar de disentangle <untangled the telephone cord>.
    antonyms: entangle, tangle

Reverse translation for extricate

librar  - to deliver, to set free, to wage, to issue 
sacar  - to kick off (in soccer or football), to pull out, to take out, to get, to obtain, to serve (in sports), to get out, to extract, to stick out, to bring out, to pull off, to introduce 
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