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2 Translation results for tangle in Spanish

verb | noun

tangle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tangled, has tangled, is tangling, tangles
enredar, enmarañar; enredarse
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Example sentences of
tangle verb

  • This fishing line tangles easily.
  • was at last tangled in the web of lies that he had told to everyone

tangle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
enredo, maraña

Reverse translation for tangle

enredar  - to tangle up, to entangle, to confuse, to complicate, to involve, to implicate 
enmarañar  - to tangle, to complicate, to confuse, to mix up 
enredarse  - to tangle, tangle up, to complicate 
enredo  - muddle, confusion, tangle 
maraña  - thicket, tangle, mess 
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