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change of direction
cambio de dirección
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change verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
changed, has changed, is changing, changes
cambiar, alterar, modificar; variar, transformarse; cambiar de, intercambiar

Example sentences of
change verb

  • Her mood changes every hour.
  • He changed from an optimist to a pessimist.
  • The town has changed little in recent years.
  • These events have changed me in my attitude to life.
  • You can't change human nature.
  • Life changed him from an optimist into a pessimist.
  • The leaves change color from green to red in the fall.
  • She changed her name when she got married.
  • France has changed its monetary unit from the franc to the euro.
  • change the channel on the TV

Synonyms of
change verb

¿Por qué la gente dice que ellos have to change sin mencionar lo que quieren cambiar?
  • Cuando alguien dice ″I have to change″ o ″I need to change″, eso significa que tienen que cambiar de ropa, en particular ropa más adecuada para la actividad o evento. Ejemplo: "Shall we go to the ballet tonight?" "Sure, but I can't go in my T-shirt and jeans, I have to change".

direction noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
dirección; instrucción, orden; rumbo

Example sentences of
direction noun

  • The army attacked from three different directions.
  • Down the road, he could see a bus coming from the opposite direction.
  • The wind changed direction and started blowing in our faces.
  • Carefully read the directions before you begin the test.
  • Directions appear on the package.
  • We had to stop to ask for directions to the beach.
  • Excuse me. Could you please give me directions to the movie theater?
  • He was put in charge and given overall direction of the program.
  • Twenty-three employees work under her direction.
  • Several nurses working under the direction of this doctor have made complaints.

Synonyms of
direction noun