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calm adjective

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calmo, tranquilo, sereno, ecuánime; en calma (dícese del mar), sin viento (dícese del aire)

Example sentences of
calm adjective

  • The teacher asked us to remain calm after the fire alarm went off.
  • Let's try to have a calm discussion about your grades.

Detailed synonyms for calm adjective

Calm, tranquil, serene, placid, peaceful, untroubled, sedate significan silencioso y libre de disturbio o perjuicio.
  • Calm suele indicar un contraste con un estado de violencia o agitación anterior o cercano <the protests ended, and the streets were calm again>.
    antonyms: stormy, agitated
  • Tranquil connota una profunda quietud o compostura <the tranquil beauty of a formal garden>.
    antonyms: troubled
  • Serene recalca una noble y perfecta tranquilidad <a woman of serene beauty>.
    antonyms: upset
  • Placid connota la carencia de alboroto o agitación, un temperamento ecuánime y puede insinuar cierta autocomplacencia <led a placid existence>.
  • Peaceful indica un estado de reposo, a menudo en contraste con un alboroto o disturbio anterior <this demonstration, unlike the last one, was peaceful>.
    antonyms: turbulent
  • Untroubled describe una persona o una cosa cuya paz no se ve afectada por eventos o condiciones <untroubled by rival claims>.
    antonyms: troubled, flustered
  • Sedate connota una actitud de calma habitual <they enjoyed a sedate life in their retirement>.

calm noun

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tranquilidad, calma
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A woman enjoying the calm

Example sentences of
calm noun

  • After two days of violent protests, the mayor appealed for calm.
  • The calm was broken by another terrorist bombing.
  • the calm of a church
  • Police tried to restore calm after the riot.
  • A quiet calm settled over the city.

Synonyms of
calm noun

Detailed synonyms for calm noun

See: Equanimity

calm verb

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calmed, has calmed, is calming, calms
tranquilizar, calmar, sosegar; tranquilizarse, calmarse

Example sentences of
calm verb

  • The medicine helped calm her breathing.
  • His words were effective in calming her fears.

Detailed synonyms for calm verb

See: Pacify

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Reverse translation for calm

calmo  - calm, tranquil 
tranquilo  - calm, tranquil 
sereno  - serene, calm, composed, fair, clear (of weather), calm, still (of the sea) 
ecuánime  - even-tempered, impartial 
en calma  (dícese del mar)
sin viento  (dícese del aire)
tranquilidad  - tranquility, peace 
calma  - calm, quiet 
tranquilizar  - to calm down, to soothe 
calmar  - to calm, to soothe 
sosegar  - to calm, to pacify 
tranquilizarse  - to calm down 
calmarse  - to calm down 
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