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3 Translation results for upset in Spanish

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upset verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
upset, has upset, is upsetting, upsets
volcar; derramar; perturbar, disgustar, inquietar, alterar, molestar; sentar mal a; trastornar, desbaratar (planes, etc.); derrotar (en deportes)

Example sentences of
upset verb

  • That remark you made really upset me.
  • Don't upset yourself over it.
  • It upsets him that he can do nothing to help.
  • A lot of people were upset by the court's decision.
  • It upsets me to think I might never see him again.
  • Spicy food upsets my stomach.

Detailed synonyms for upset verb

See: Disquiet

upset adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
disgustado, alterado

Example sentences of
upset adjective

  • I was feeling upset by the whole experience.
  • There's no point in getting all upset about it.
  • I try not to let her make me upset.
  • She was too upset to speak to him.
  • I'm upset that you didn't call.
  • I was so upset with him, I didn't call him for two weeks.

Synonyms of
upset adjective

upset noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
vuelco; trastorno (de planes, etc.); derrota (en deportes)

Example sentences of
upset noun

  • In a major upset, he took the gold medal.
  • Her victory in the election was a big upset.
  • Spicy foods can cause stomach upset.
  • An emotional upset can affect your physical health.
  • a period of emotional upset

Synonyms of
upset noun

Related phrases for upset

Reverse translation for upset

volcar  - to overturn, to tip over, to upset, to knock over, to turn over, to capsize, to empty out, to make dizzy, to cause a change of mind in, to irritate 
derramar  - to spill, to shed (tears, blood) 
perturbar  - to disturb, to trouble, to disrupt 
disgustar  - to upset, to displease, to make angry 
inquietar  - to disturb, to upset, to agitate, to worry 
alterar  - to alter, to modify, to disturb, to disrupt 
molestar  - to be a nuisance, to annoy, to bother, to disturb, to disrupt 
trastornar  - to disturb, to upset, to disrupt 
desbaratar  (planes, etc.) - to destroy, to ruin, to break, to break down 
derrotar  (en deportes) - to defeat 
disgustado  - upset, displeased, annoyed, offended 
alterado  - upset 
vuelco  - upset, overturning 
trastorno  (de planes, etc.) - disorder, disturbance, upset 
derrota  (en deportes) - defeat, rout, course (at sea) 
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