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busy adjective

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ocupado, atareado; concurrido, animado

Example sentences of
busy adjective

  • She's busy preparing for her test.
  • Are you busy? Can I talk to you for a minute?
  • I will be busy cleaning the house.
  • I'm sorry I haven't called. I've been so busy.
  • busy people who don't have time to cook
  • I got enough work to keep me busy for a while.
  • He is a very busy person.
  • He's been busy in the kitchen all afternoon.
  • My week has been so busy!
  • Is there any time in your busy schedule for us to have lunch next week?

Synonyms of
busy adjective

Detailed synonyms for busy adjective

Busy, industrious, diligent, assiduous significan activamente ocupado en una tarea.
  • Busy recalca primordialmente la actividad, en contraposición a la inercia, el desuso o el ocio <too busy to spend time with the children>.
    antonyms: idle, unoccupied
  • Industrious indica devoción, característica o habitual, al trabajo <an industrious people>.
    antonyms: slothful, indolent
  • Diligent connota la aplicación concienzuda a un objeto o actividad específica <a diligent worker>.
    antonyms: dilatory
  • Assiduous recalca la aplicación esmerosa e infatigable <he spent hours every day in assiduous study>.
    antonyms: desultory

Reverse translation for busy

ocupado  - busy, taken, occupied 
atareado  - busy, overworked 
concurrido  - busy, crowded 
animado  - animated, lively, cheerful 
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