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vain adjective

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vano; inutil; vanidoso, presumido
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Example sentences of
vain adjective

  • She is very vain about her appearance.
  • He is the vainest man I know.
  • A vain effort to quell the public's fears only made matters worse.
  • Volunteers searched the area in the vain hope of finding clues.

Detailed synonyms for vain adjective

1. Vain, idle, empty, hollow, unproductive significan que es algo que carece de valor o importancia.
  • Vain indica una ausencia de valor o mérito que puede ser absoluta o relativa <the vain hope that her alcoholic husband would someday give up drinking>.
  • Idle connota que carece de la capacidad para el uso o el efecto provechoso <she thought it was idle to speculate about how her life might have been different>.
  • Empty y hollow connotan la ausencia engañosa de auténtica sustancia, solidez, legitimidad o valor <another of the government's empty promises> <a hollow victory>.
  • Unproductive connota no producir resultados, beneficios o ganancias <her search for the missing documents was unproductive>.
2. See: Futile

Reverse translation for vain

vano  - vain, useless, vain, worthless 
inutil  - useless 
vanidoso  - vain, conceited 
presumido  - conceited, vain 
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