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teem verb

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teemed, has teemed, is teeming, teems
estar lleno de
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The tropical rainforests are teeming with various trees and plants.

Example sentences of
teem verb

  • The clock struck midnight, and people all around town, teemed with joy and hope and wished each other a happy new year.

Synonyms of
teem verb

Detailed synonyms for teem verb

Teem, abound, swarm, overflow significan estar plenamente abastecido de una cosa o ser rico en ella.
  • Teem indica productividad o fecundidad <rivers teeming with fish>.
  • Abound indica plenitud de números o de cantidad, y suele recalcar una profusión <oaks abound in the local forests>.
  • Swarm suele recalcar movimiento y amontonamiento, pero puede connotar una infestación <apartment houses in the slums swarming with rats>.
  • Overflow añade a abound la noción de atestar o de exceder la capacidad de alguien o de algo para contener o usar una cosa <the churches were overflowing that Sunday>.

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