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stingy adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
tacaño, avaro; mezquino, mísero

Example sentences of
stingy adjective

  • The company was too stingy to raise salaries.
  • until his redemption, Ebenezer Scrooge is the classic example of a very stingy, heartless miser

Synonyms of
stingy adjective

Detailed synonyms for stingy adjective

Stingy, miserly, cheap, ungenerous significan estar indispuesto o mostrar indisposición a compartir con otros.
  • Stingy indica una marcada falta de generosidad <trying to save money without seeming stingy>.
    antonyms: generous
  • Miserly connota una penuria motivada por una avaricia obsesiva y el placer morboso de acumular posesiones <a miserly company that pays low salaries>.
  • Cheap es un término informal que significa tacaño <my cheap uncle>.
  • Ungenerous significa carente de generosidad, bien sea financiera o emocional <she sometimes hated herself for thinking ungenerous thoughts about her sisters>.
    antonyms: generous

Reverse translation for stingy

tacaño  - stingy, miserly 
avaro  - miserly, greedy 
mezquino  - mean, petty, stingy, paltry 
mísero  - wretched, miserable, stingy, paltry, meager 
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