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rigid adjective

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Example sentences of
rigid adjective

  • The patient's legs were rigid.
  • He is a rigid disciplinarian.

Detailed synonyms for rigid adjective

1. Rigid, rigorous, strict, stringent, unbending significan extremadamente severo o adusto.
  • Rigid indica una inflexibilidad absoluta <the government remained rigid in its opposition to reform>.
    antonyms: lax
  • Rigorous indica la imposición de contrariedades y dificultades <the rigorous training of recruits>.
    antonyms: mild
  • Strict pone énfasis en una absoluta conformidad con las reglas, normas o requisitos <their doctor put them on a strict diet> <a strict interpretation of the law>.
  • Stringent connota restricciones o limitaciones que controlan u obligan <stringent budget cuts>.
  • Unbending connota estar reacio a cambiar un propósito u opinión <the government's unbending attitude on trade issues>.
2. See: Stiff

Reverse translation for rigid

rígido  - rigid, stiff, strict 
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