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rich adjective

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rico; suntuoso, lujoso; pesado; abundante; vivo, intenso; fértil

Example sentences of
rich adjective

  • Her investments have made her rich.
  • The dictionary is a rich source of information.
  • We are eating a rich and spicy soup.
  • The food was a little too rich for me.
  • Their country has a rich cultural heritage.
  • This area has a rich history.
  • She has a rich vocabulary.

Detailed synonyms for rich adjective

Rich, wealthy, affluent, well-off, well-to-do significan que tiene bienes, propiedad y dinero en abundancia.
  • Rich, wealthy indican el tener más de lo suficiente para gratificar las necesidades o deseos normales <one of the richest nations in the world> <was a wealthy man when he retired>.
    antonyms: indigent
  • Affluent, well-off, well-to-do connotan prosperidad y riquezas crecientes <the child of affluent parents> <the house of a well-off retired couple> <he came from a well-to-do family>.
    antonyms: impecunious, straitened

Related phrases for rich

  • filthy rich - (figurado) millonario, forrado, forrado de dinero

Reverse translation for rich

rico  - rich, wealthy, fertile, luxurious, valuable, delicious, adorable, lovely, great, wonderful 
suntuoso  - sumptuous, lavish 
lujoso  - luxurious 
pesado  - heavy, slow, irritating, annoying, tedious, boring, tough, difficult, ponderous 
abundante  - abundant, plentiful, copious 
vivo  - alive, vivid, bright, intense, lively, vivacious, sharp, clever 
intenso  - intense 
fértil  - fertile, fruitful 
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