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noun | verb

range noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fila, hilera; pradera, pampa; cocina; variedad, gama; ámbito, esfera, campo; registro (de la voz), alcance (de un arma de fuego)

Example sentences of
range noun

  • He knew exactly how many head of cattle were turned out on the range that morning to graze.
  • I didn't know she had such a wide range of knowledge until I talked to her.

Detailed synonyms for range noun

Range, gamut, sweep, scope, reach, span, territory, purview, sphere significan la extensión que reside dentro de los poderes que una cosa posee de abarcar o controlar.
  • Range es un término general que indica la extensión de la percepción de uno, o la extensión de poderes, capacidades o posibilidades <the entire range of human experience>.
  • Gamut connota una serie graduada que abarca desde un extremo posible hasta otro <the restaurant's food runs the gamut from inedible to delicious>.
  • Sweep connota una extensión de movimiento o de actividad, a menudo circular o en forma de arco <the book covers the broad sweep of Soviet history>.
  • Scope se aplica a un área de actividad, predeterminada y limitada, que tiene cierta flexibilidad dentro de esos límites <the scope of the investigation slowly widened>.
  • Reach connota una extensión de percepción, conocimiento, habilidad o actividad que se alcanza o se experimenta mediante un alargamiento <the goal was well within reach>.
  • Span connota una extensión, un trecho, un alcance o una separación entre dos límites <over a span of 25 years>.
  • Territory sugiere un área geográfica bajo el control de un gobierno <enemy territory>, o un área asignada a alguien para llevar a cabo un trabajo en particular <the salesman's territory> o un área ocupada y defendida por ciertos animales <male birds defending their territories>.
  • Purview indica los límites del trabajo, de la actividad o del conocimiento de alguien <that question is beyond my purview>.
  • Sphere aplica a un campo de influencia o de actividad <outside the sphere of international relations>.

range verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
ranged, has ranged, is ranging, ranges
alinear, ordenar, arreglar; deambular; extenderse; variar

Example sentences of
range verb

  • The selection of food ranged from mild to very spicy.
  • Items on the menu range from American fare like hamburgers and hot dogs to Italian pasta dishes.
  • Grizzly bears range over a much smaller area than they once did.
  • The plant once ranged across the island.

Detailed synonyms for range verb

See: Wander

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Reverse translation for range

fila  - line, file, rank, row 
hilera  - file, row, line 
pradera  - grassland, prairie 
pampa  - pampa 
cocina  - kitchen, stove, cuisine, cooking 
variedad  - variety, diversity 
gama  - range, spectrum, gamut, 
ámbito  - domain, field, area 
esfera  - sphere, face, dial (of a watch) 
campo  - countryside, country, field 
registro  (de la voz) - register, registration, registry, record office, range (of a voice or musical instrument), search 
alcance  (de un arma de fuego) - reach, range, scope 
alinear  - to align, to line up 
ordenar  - to order, to command, to put in order, to arrange, to ordain (a priest) 
arreglar  - to repair, to fix, (informal) to patch up, to tidy up, to iron out, to solve, to work out 
deambular  - to wander, to roam 
extenderse  - to spread, to last 
variar  - to change, to alter, to vary, to change, to diversify 
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