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pose noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pose; afectación

Example sentences of
pose noun

  • The photographs show the models in both clothed and nude poses.
  • Hold that pose. It will make a great photograph.
  • His disapproval of the war looks good to voters, but I bet it's just a pose.

Synonyms of
pose noun

Detailed synonyms for pose noun

Pose, airs, affectation, mannerism, pretense significan una manera adoptada de hablar o de actuar.
  • Pose indica una actitud que se ha adoptado deliberadamente con el fin de impresionar a los demás o de llamar la atención <her shyness was just a pose>.
  • Airs siempre indica artificialidad y pretensión <having bought a huge house, they began putting on airs>.
  • Affectation se aplica a un modo particular de hablar o de actuar que da al observador una impresión de falsedad <his British accent is an affectation>.
  • Mannerism se aplica a una peculiaridad adquirida en el habla o en el modo de actuar que se ha vuelto una costumbre <gesturing with a cigarette was one of her mannerisms>.
  • Pretense sugiere una intención o un propósito falso que se usa para engañar a alguien <he stopped to wait for her under the pretense of tying his shoe>, o un acto o una apariencia que parece real pero no lo es <their friendliness was only a pretense>.

pose verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
posed, has posed, is posing, poses
plantear (una pregunta, etc.), representar (una amenaza); posar (para una foto, etc.)
word of the day image
Father and daughter posing for the camera

Example sentences of
pose verb

  • The photographer posed her on the steps of the courthouse.
  • Everyone posed for the group photo.
  • The contradictions in his argument pose questions about his credibility.
  • Smog poses a threat to our health.

Synonyms of
pose verb

Detailed synonyms for pose verb

See: Propose

pose sustantivo


posar verbo

to place, to lay; to pose

Reverse translation for pose

pose  - pose 
afectación  - affectation 
plantear  (una pregunta, etc.) - to set forth, to bring up, to suggest, to establish, to set up, to create, to pose (a problem) 
representar  (una amenaza) - to represent, to act for, to perform, to look, to appear as, to symbolize, to stand for, to signify, to mean 
posar  (para una foto, etc.) - to place, to lay, to pose 
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