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noun | verb

plot noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
terreno, parcela, lote; argumento (en el teatro), trama (en un libro, etc.); complot, intriga

Example sentences of
plot noun

  • The movie has a complicated plot.
  • They just bought a 12-acre plot of land.
  • The book's plot revolves around a woman who is searching for her missing sister.
  • The movie has a weak plot.
  • Police uncovered a plot to assassinate the prime minister.
  • The prime minister was the target of an assassination plot.
  • The plots are selling for $15,000 per acre.

Detailed synonyms for plot noun

1. Plot, intrigue, machination, conspiracy, cabal, scheme significan un plan hecho en secreto para llevar a cabo una maldad o una traición.
  • Plot indica una cuidadosa previsión en la elaboración de una compleja intriga <an assassination plot>.
  • Intrigue connota un maniobrar secreto y deshonesto en un ambiente de duplicidad <in an office full of intrigue, he was welcome for his honesty>.
  • Machination indica el planear una serie de molestias, perjuicios o maldades, e imputa hostilidad o traición a los que la planean <her machinations were so obvious that we all joked about them>.
  • Conspiracy indica un acuerdo secreto entre varias personas, a menudo, pero no siempre, con fines traicioneros <the oil companies' conspiracy to set prices>.
  • Cabal se aplica a una intriga que, típicamente, involucra a personas de cierta eminencia, y cuyo fin es favorable para ellos pero nocivo para las personas afectadas <joined a cabal against the general>.
  • Scheme connota un plan astuto, especialmente uno que utiliza decepción o engaños <a scheme to cheat elderly people out of their money>.
2. See: Plan

plot verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
plotted, has plotted, is plotting, plots
conspirar, tramar; trazar, marcar

Example sentences of
plot verb

  • They plotted to steal the painting.
  • She spent her years in prison plotting her revenge.
  • We've been plotting growth strategies for the company.
  • She carefully plotted her career path.
  • They've plotted the locations where the trees will be planted.
  • Have you plotted the route for your trip yet?
  • Students plotted soil temperatures on a graph throughout the school year.

Synonyms of
plot verb

Reverse translation for plot

terreno  - terrain, earth, ground, plot, tract of land 
parcela  - parcel, tract of land 
lote  - part, share, batch, lot, plot of land, lot 
argumento  (en el teatro) - argument, reasoning, plot, story line 
trama  (en un libro, etc.) - plot, weave, weft (fabric) 
complot  - conspiracy, plot 
intriga  - intrigue 
conspirar  - to conspire, to plot 
tramar  - to plot, to plan, to weave 
trazar  - to trace, to draw up, to devise, to outline, to sketch 
marcar  - to mark, to score, to brand (livestock), to dial, to indicate, to show, to emphasize, to dial (a telephone), to guard (an opponent), to score (a goal, a point) 
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