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outright adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
completo, absoluto, categórico; sin reservas

Example sentences of
outright adjective

  • I was surprised by their outright rejection of the idea.

Detailed synonyms for outright adjective

Outright, out-and-out, flat-out, unmitigated, thoroughgoing, absolute, utter significan sin límite o cualificación.
  • Outright indica que lo descrito ha ido hasta el extremo, y no puede mejorarse ni empeorarse, ni tiene remedio <hoped these hostilities wouldn't lead to an outright war>.
  • Out-and-out, flat-out, términos informales, sugieren ser el grado más alto <an out-and-out fraud> <a flat-out lie>.
  • Unmitigated se aplica a lo que es o parece ser tan absolutamente lo que es, que no tiene posibilidad de ser disminuido, suavizado o aliviado <an unmitigated disaster>.
  • Thoroughgoing connota ser puro y no mitigado <a thoroughgoing rejection of the prosecutor's case>.
  • Absolute, utter connotan ser completo y total <called him an absolute disgrace to his family> <an utter impossibility>.

outright adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
por completo, totalmente; directamente, sin reserva; al instante, en el acto

Example sentences of
outright adverb

  • She won the competition outright.
  • The painting is now owned outright by the museum.
  • Their house was destroyed outright by the fire.
  • I bought the car outright.

Synonyms of
outright adverb

Reverse translation for outright

completo  - complete, perfect, absolute, full, detailed 
absoluto  - absolute, unconditional 
categórico  - categorical, unequivocal 
totalmente  - totally, completely, entirely 
directamente  - straight, directly 
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