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occurrence noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
acontecimiento, suceso, ocurrencia

Example sentences of
occurrence noun

  • Unfortunately, getting headaches has become a common occurrence for her.
  • Lightning is a natural occurrence.

Synonyms of
occurrence noun

Detailed synonyms for occurrence noun

Occurrence, event, incident, episode, circumstance, occasion significan algo que sucede o que tiene lugar.
  • Occurrence indica cualquier suceso sin intención, volición, o plan <these fights between her parents were a regular occurrence>.
  • Event suele indicar un acontecimiento de relativa importancia, y a menudo, uno cuyas causas antecedentes son evidentes <the sequence of events following the assassination>.
  • Incident connota un acontecimiento de breve duración o de una importancia relativamente menor <one of the minor incidents of the war>.
  • Episode recalca lo distintivo o lo aislado de un incidente <the book is full of amusing episodes from his youth>.
  • Circumstance indica un detalle específico en conexión con una acción o un evento <couldn't remember the exact circumstances>.
  • Occasion connota un evento o el tiempo cuando algo ocurre <birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions>.

Reverse translation for occurrence

acontecimiento  - event 
suceso  - event, happening, occurrence, incident, crime 
ocurrencia  - occurrence, event, witticism, bright idea 
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