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hateful adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
odioso, aborrecible, detestable

Example sentences of
hateful adjective

  • the girl's classmates were bullying her online, sending her hateful e-mails and text messages

Detailed synonyms for hateful adjective

Hateful, odious, abhorrent, detestable, abominable, horrid, unspeakable, vile, loathsome significan que merece o causa intensa antipatía.
  • Hateful se aplica a algo o alguien que provoca odio y hostilidad activa <remembered the hateful things he and his wife said to each other>.
    antonyms: lovable, sympathetic
  • Odious se aplica a lo que es desagradable u ofensivo, o que provoca repugnancia <forced to spend time with her friend's odious husband>.
  • Abhorrent caracteriza todo aquello que viola el sentido de lo que es correcto, decente, justo u honorable <the idea of lying was abhorrent to her>.
    antonyms: admirable
  • Detestable connota algo que merece un desprecio total <his detestable habit of blaming his employees for his own errors>.
    antonyms: adorable
  • Abominable connota algo que es duramente condenado como vil o antinatural <always criticizing them for having abominable taste>.
    antonyms: laudable, delightful, enjoyable
  • Horrid connota chocantemente malo <people living in horrid conditions> o repugnante y desagradable <the medicine tasted horrid>.
  • Unspeakable sugiere inexpresablemente malo o perverso <the unspeakable horror of the Holocaust>.
  • Vile sugiere moralmente despreciable <a vile insult> o físicamente repulsivo <a vile slum>.
  • Loathsome denota que causa sentimientos de odio o disgusto <loathsome behavior>.

Reverse translation for hateful

odioso  - hateful, detestable 
aborrecible  - abominable, detestable 
detestable  - despicable, damnable, hateful 
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