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decide verb

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decided, has decided, is deciding, decides
decidir, llegar a la conclusión de; decidirse; determinar; resolver

Example sentences of
decide verb

  • He decided that dinner would be at 7 o'clock, and asked guests to arrive at 6.
  • She is having difficulty deciding about the offer.
  • They decided that he was right.
  • I am trying to decide if it's warm enough for swimming.
  • “Do you think she is telling the truth?” “I'm not sure. I'm still trying to decide.”
  • A few hundred votes could decide the election.
  • One blow decided the fight.
  • This battle could very well decide the war.
  • Will the business be successful? Let the public decide.
  • The case will be decided by the Supreme Court.
  • "Do you think she is telling the truth?" "I'm not sure. I'm still trying to decide."
¿Qué preposición viene después del verbo decide?
  • El verbo decide es seguido por la preposición on, pero también puede ser seguido por to + la forma base de un verbo. Ejemplo: We decided on a name for our baby girl. We decided to name her Jane.

Detailed synonyms for decide verb

Decide, determine, settle, rule, resolve, judge, conclude, ascertain significan llegar o hacer llegar a una conclusión.
  • Decide indica consideración previa, así como el poner fin a la duda, la vacilación, el debate, o la controversia <will decide tonight where to build the school>.
  • Determine indica una fijación de la identidad, el carácter, la extensión, los límites o la dirección de algo <determined the cause of the problem>.
  • Settle indica el llegar a una conclusión que pone fin a toda duda, vacilación o disputa <the court's decision settles the matter>.
  • Rule indica una determinación hecha por una autoridad administrativa o judicial <the judge will rule on the case next week>.
  • Resolve indica una decisión o determinación, clara o expresa, de hacer una cosa o de abstenerse de hacerla <had resolved to speak to his boss that afternoon>.
  • Judge puede connotar el tomar una decisión oficial acerca de un asunto legal <judge a case> o simplemente alcanzar una conclusión cuidadosa <judged the situation correctly>.
  • Conclude sugiere formar o declarar una opinión después de un periodo de pensamiento o investigación <we conclude from our review of the evidence that they are right>.
  • Ascertain connota determinar la verdad de algo <attempts to ascertain the population of the region>.

decidir verbo

to decide; to decide, to determine; to persuade, to decide

Reverse translation for decide

decidir  - to decide, to decide, to determine, to persuade, to decide 
decidirse  - to make up one's mind 
determinar  - to determine, to cause, to bring about, to nail down 
resolver  - to resolve, to settle, to decide 
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