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2 Translation results for conjecture in Spanish

noun | verb

conjecture noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
conjetura, presunción

Example sentences of
conjecture noun

  • The biography includes conjectures about the writer's earliest ambitions.
  • a conjecture about the extent of the injury
  • Most of the book is conjecture, not fact.

conjecture verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
conjectured, has conjectured, is conjecturing, conjectures

Example sentences of
conjecture verb

  • Some have conjectured that the distant planet could sustain life.
  • We only conjecture about his motives.

Synonyms of
conjecture verb

Detailed synonyms for conjecture verb

Conjecture, surmise, guess, suppose, suspect, speculate significan sacar una conclusión a base de escasa evidencia.
  • Conjecture indica el formar una opinión basada en evidencia insuficiente para el conocimiento definitivo <scientists could only conjecture about the animal's breeding habits>.
  • Surmise indica una evidencia aún más escasa y connota la influencia de la imaginación o de la sospecha <surmised the real reason for the generous gift>.
  • Guess recalca el caer en una conclusión, sea completamente por casualidad o por una evidencia muy incierta <you would never guess that they were wealthy>.
  • Suppose connota el pensar algo que es probable, pero frecuentemente sugiere cierta duda <seems reasonable to suppose that he would profit>.
  • Suspect supone el imaginar que algo es cierto o probable <I suspect he's right>.
  • Speculate indica el inventarse ideas o teorías cuando mucho permanence desconocido <speculated that a virus caused the disease>.

Reverse translation for conjecture

conjetura  - conjecture, guess 
presunción  - presumption, supposition, conceit, vanity 
conjeturar  - to guess, to conjecture 
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