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brief adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
breve, sucinto, conciso

Example sentences of
brief adjective

  • The meeting will be brief.
  • The essay is brief but thorough enough.
  • Let's start with a few brief words of caution.

Detailed synonyms for brief adjective

1. Brief, short, pithy, terse significan carente de longitud.
  • Brief se aplica primoridialmente a la duración, y puede indicar condensación, concisión o a veces intensidad <a brief speech>.
    antonyms: prolonged, protracted
  • Short puede indicar una terminación súbita o un estado incompleto <the interview was rather short>.
    antonyms: long
  • Pithy connota el usar pocas palabras en una manera astuta y efectiva <a book of pithy sayings about love>.
  • Terse connota el ser breve en una manera que carece de cordialidad <received a terse rejection letter>.
2. See: Transient

brief noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
resumen, sumario

Example sentences of
brief noun

  • Her brief is to manage the company's sales department.
  • a one-page brief of the intelligence report

Synonyms of
brief noun

Detailed synonyms for brief noun

See: Abridgment

brief verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
briefed, has briefed, is briefing, briefs
dar órdenes a, instruir

Example sentences of
brief verb

  • The captain briefed the crew on the new safety procedures.
  • The President has been briefed by his advisers.

Reverse translation for brief

breve  - brief, short 
sucinto  - succinct, concise 
conciso  - concise 
resumen  - summary, summation 
sumario  - contents, table of contents, summary 
instruir  - to instruct, to train, to educate, to teach 
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