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blaze verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
blazed, has blazed, is blazing, blazes
arder, brillar, resplandecer; marcar, señalar
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A fire blazing in a fireplace

Synonyms of
blaze verb

Detailed synonyms for blaze verb

Blaze, flame, flare, glare, glow significan una luz o un fuego que arde vivamente, o algo que lo evoca.
  • Blaze indica rapidez de encendimiento y la intensa irradiación de calor y de luz <the crackle and blaze of dry oak logs> <the angry blaze of her eyes>.
  • Flame connota una o varias lenguas centelleantes de fuego <the flames rose above the burning building>.
  • Flare recalca un estallido súbito de fuego o llama contra un fondo oscuro (como en un fuego que se apaga) <the sudden flare of a match>.
  • Glare connota a menudo una brillantez inaguantable <the glare of a searchlight>.
  • Glow es más propenso a indicar un ardor moderado que rinde una luz tenue y sin llama, o un suave calor y resplandor <the comforting glow of the coals>.

blaze noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fuego; resplandor, brillantez; arranque; alarde, llamarada

Synonyms of
blaze noun

Reverse translation for blaze

arder  - to burn, to smart, to sting, to burn 
brillar  - to shine, to sparkle 
resplandecer  - to shine, to stand out 
marcar  - to mark, to score, to brand (livestock), to dial, to indicate, to show, to emphasize, to dial (a telephone), to guard (an opponent), to score (a goal, a point) 
señalar  - to indicate, to show, to mark, to point out, to stress, to fix, to set 
fuego  - fire, light, flame, burner (on a stove), ardor, passion, skin eruption, cold sore 
resplandor  - brightness, brilliance, radiance, flash 
brillantez  - brilliance, brightness 
arranque  - starter (of a car), outburst, fit 
alarde  - show, display 
llamarada  - flare-up, sudden blaze, flushing (of the face) 
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