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assume verb

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assumed, has assumed, is assuming, assumes
suponer, asumir; encargarse de; adquirir, adoptar, tomar; afectar, simular

Example sentences of
assume verb

  • I assumed he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn't show up.
  • She assumed from his expression that he was confused.
  • We'll be arriving around noon. That's assuming that our flight is on time.
  • The king assumed the throne when he was very young.
  • Under certain conditions, the chemical will assume the appearance of ice.

Detailed synonyms for assume verb

1. Assume, affect, pretend, simulate, feign, sham significan adoptar una apariencia falsa o engañosa.
  • Assume suele indicar un motivo justificable más que una intención de engañar <she always assumed an air of cheerfulness when visiting her sick father>.
  • Affect indica demostrar falsamente que algo se posee, se usa o se siente, normalmente para llamar la atención <he sometimes affected an English accent>.
  • Pretend indica una falsa profesión, manifiesta y sostenida, de lo que es <pretended not to know about the party>.
  • Simulate connota la adopción de características pertenecientes a otra cosa en una imitación exacta <video games that simulate the experience of actual warfare>.
  • Feign indica una invención más ingeniosa que pretend, una imitación menos detallada que simulate <feigned sickness to avoid school>.
  • Sham destaca una obvia intención de defraudar con una falsedad que sólo engaña a los más crédulos <she knew he was only shamming>.
2. See: Presuppose

Reverse translation for assume

suponer  - to suppose, to assume, to imply, to suggest, to involve, to entail 
asumir  - to assume, to take on, to assume, to suppose 
adquirir  - to acquire, to gain, to purchase 
adoptar  - to adopt (a measure), to take (a decision), to adopt (children) 
tomar  - to drink (alcohol), to take, to drink, to capture, to seize 
afectar  - to affect, to upset, (figurative) to shake up, to feign, to pretend 
simular  - to simulate, to feign, to pretend 
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