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ask verb

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asked, has asked, is asking, asks
preguntar; pedir, solicitar; invitar

Example sentences of
ask verb

  • I need to ask a question.
  • Did you ask her yet?
  • “Have you seen the movie yet?” he asked.
  • a list of frequently asked questions
  • “If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?” “I'm 35 years old. Why do you ask?”
  • “Do they have any soda?” “I don't know. I'll go ask.”
  • I would have given it to him, but he never asked.
  • We had to stop and ask directions.
  • May I ask the time?
  • Did you ask permission to leave?
¿Qué preposición sigue al verbo ask?
  • El verbo ask puede ser seguido por muchas preposiciones, dependiendo del uso del verbo.
    Cuando se usa para ″hacer una pregunta″, ask es comúnmente seguido por about. Example: She asked about life in America.
    Cuando se usa para hacer un ″request″ (pedido), ask es generalmente seguido por for o to + forma base del verbo. Ejemplo: He asked for some good advice. Otro ejemplo: She asked him to clear the table after lunch.
    Cuando se usa para ofrecer un ″invite″ (invitación), ask es generalmente seguido por to. Ejemplo: She asked a few friends to the party.

Detailed synonyms for ask verb

1. Ask, question, interrogate, query, inquire, quiz, grill significan dirigirse a una persona con el fin de adquirir información.
  • Ask indica meramente el hacer una pregunta <asked if there were any more doughnuts>.
  • Question suele connotar el hacer una serie de preguntas <questioned them about every detail of their trip>.
    antonyms: answer
  • Interrogate connota una serie sistemática de preguntas en un contexto formal u oficial <the police had interrogated him all day>.
  • Query indica un deseo de obtener información fidedigna o confirmación <she queried her neighbors about the incident>.
  • Inquire indica en particular el hacer preguntas con el fin de descubrir los hechos o la verdad <inquired into the possibility of a job at the company>.
  • Quiz connota preguntarle a alguien muchas preguntas, como en un examen corto <they quizzed him about old jazz recordings>.
  • Grill implica un cuestionamiento intensivo, haciendo preguntas difíciles y desagradables <the professor grilled the student about whether she had written the paper herself>.
2. Ask, request, solicit significan expresar lo que se desea con la intención de obtenerlo.
  • Ask indica meramente el expresar lo que se desea <asked a favor of her friend>.
  • Request indica mayor formalidad y cortesía <requesting a new chair in her office>.
  • Solicit connota atraer la atención, a menudo públicamente, hacia lo que uno quiere o desea con la intención de que estos deseos sean satisfechos <placed an advertisement soliciting a situation as a maid>.

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Reverse translation for ask

preguntar  - to ask, to inquire, to ask, to question 
pedir  - to order, to ask for, to request, to beg, to order (food, merchandise) 
solicitar  - to request, to solicit, to apply for 
invitar  - to invite 
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