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annoy verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
annoyed, has annoyed, is annoying, annoys
molestar, fastidiar, irritar

Example sentences of
annoy verb

  • My mother was annoyed that she got a call from my teacher.
  • They deliberately annoyed the elderly neighbors by walking across their lawn.

Detailed synonyms for annoy verb

1. Annoy, vex, irk, bother, provoke, irritate significan perturbar la compostura de una persona.
  • Annoy señala una irritación causada por molestias persistentes y a menudo mezquinas <annoyed by his constant talking>.
    antonyms: soothe
  • Vex indica una provocación y perturbación más fuertes, suele connotar la ira, o a veces la perplejidad o la ansiedad <a problem that vexes cancer researchers>.
    antonyms: please
  • Irk recalca la dificultad en aguantar o tolerar algo, y la fatiga o impaciencia resultante <his chronic lateness irks his colleagues>.
  • Bother connota una interferencia desconcertante o molesta sobre el bienestar o la serenidad <bothered by the tone of her answer>.
    antonyms: comfort
  • Provoke implica tentar a propósito <her husband knew how to provoke her with his jokes>.
  • Irritate connota el causar que alguien esté impaciente o disgustado, frecuentemente con el tiempo <several passengers were clearly irritated by the child's loud complaining>.
2. See: Worry

Reverse translation for annoy

molestar  - to be a nuisance, to annoy, to bother, to disturb, to disrupt 
fastidiar  - to be annoying or bothersome, to annoy, to bother, to hassle, to bore 
irritar  - to irritate 
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