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noun | verb

sink noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pila, pileta, fregadero; lavabo; (argot, EE.UU.) antro; disipador; dolina, depresión
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Example sentences of
sink noun

  • "Please put your dirty dishes in the sink after you have finished eating."
  • He was able to rise above the inner-city sink that was his birthplace.

sink verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
sank, has sunk, is sinking, sinks
hundir (un barco, etc.); hundirse (dícese de un barco); descender, caer; excavar (un pozo para minar), perforar (un pozo de agua); bajar; clavar, hincar; invertir (fondos)

Example sentences of
sink verb

  • The passengers were rescued from the boat before it sank.
  • The rock sank to the bottom of the pool.
  • My foot sank into the deep mud.
  • She sank up to her knees in the snow.
  • The torpedo sank the ship.
  • The sun sank behind the hills.
  • She sank back into the cozy chair.
  • The temperature sinks quickly after the sun sets.
  • The lake's water level is slowly sinking.
  • His strength is slowly sinking.

Related phrases for sink

Reverse translation for sink

pila  - battery, pile, heap, sink, basin, font 
fregadero  - kitchen sink 
lavabo  - sink, washbowl, lavatory, toilet 
antro  (argot, EE.UU.)
depresión  - depression, hollow, recess, drop, fall, slump, recession 
hundir  (un barco, etc.) - to sink, to destroy, to ruin 
hundirse  (dícese de un barco) - to sink down, to cave in, to break down, to go to pieces 
descender  - to descend, to come down, to descend, to go down, to drop, to fall, to lower, to take down, to let down 
caer  - to fall, to drop, to collapse, to hang (down) 
excavar  (un pozo para minar) - to excavate, to dig 
perforar  (un pozo de agua) - to perforate, to pierce, to drill, to bore 
bajar  - to drop, to fall, to lower, to let down, to take down, to come down, to go down, to reduce (prices), to ebb (of tides), to lower, to bow (the head), to go down, to descend 
clavar  - to nail, to hammer, to plunge, to stick, to fix (one's eyes) on 
hincar  - to stick, to plunge 
invertir  (fondos) - to invert, to reverse, to make an investment, to invest 
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