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2 Translation results for shine in Spanish

verb | noun

shine verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
shone, has shone, is shining, shines
alumbrar; brillar, relucir; lucirse; sacarle brillo a, lustrar

Example sentences of
shine verb

  • The sun was shining through the clouds.
  • I saw lamps shining from the windows.
  • She found a sport where she can really shine.

Detailed synonyms for shine verb

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shine noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
brillo, lustre

Example sentences of
shine noun

  • the shine of polished silver
  • He had a nice shine on his shoes.
  • Would you like a shine?

Reverse translation for shine

alumbrar  - to light, to illuminate, to give birth to 
brillar  - to shine, to sparkle 
relucir  - to glitter, to shine 
lucirse  - to distinguish oneself, to excel, to show off 
lustrar  - to shine, to polish 
brillo  - luster, shine, brilliance 
lustre  - luster, shine, glory, distinction 
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