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flash noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
destello (de luz), fogonazo (de una explosión)

Example sentences of
flash noun

  • A brilliant flash lit up the sky.
  • The idea for the movie came to her in a flash of inspiration.
  • They relied on gimmicks and flash to get people's attention.
  • a show with a lot of flash but little substance

flash verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
flashed, has flashed, is flashing, flashes
despedir, lanzar (una luz), transmitir (un mensaje); destellar, brillar, relampaguear; pasar como un relámpago

Example sentences of
flash verb

  • Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed.
  • Cameras flashed as the celebrities passed.
  • A car was sitting on the side of the road with its lights flashing.
  • A message flashed on the screen.
  • The screen flashed a message in black letters.
  • Her eyes flashed with anger.

Detailed synonyms for flash verb

  • Flash indica un repentino y pasajero estallido de luz fuerte <lightning flashed>.
  • Gleam connota una luz fija que se ve a través de un medio oscurecedor o contra un fondo oscuro <the black piano gleamed under the stage lights>.
  • Glance connota una luz fuerte que se lanza y es reflejada sobre una superficie móvil <sunlight glanced off the hull of the boat>.
  • Glint indica una luz que es reflejada y destella rápidamente <her earrings glinted as she tossed her head>.
  • Sparkle connota un sinnúmero de puntos de luz fuerte en movimiento <the sparkling waters of the gulf>.
  • Glitter connota un brillante chispear o destellar <glittering diamonds>.
  • Glisten se aplica a un destello suave y continuo proveniente de una superficie mojada, aceitosa o similar <sidewalks glistened in the rain under the street lamps>.
  • Glimmer connota un rayo leve, oscurecido o parpadeante <a dim light glimmering in the distance>.
  • Shimmer indica un destello suave y trémulo, o un reflejo borroso <a shimmering satin dress>.
  • Twinkle connota parpadeante o chispeante <stars twinkled in the night sky>.
  • Shine connota dar una luz conspicua, brillante y sostenida <the sun shone all day>.
  • Flare connota ser brillante o resplandeciente súbitamente y brevemente <a match flared in the darkness>.
  • Beam sugiere emitir rayos de luz <morning sunlight was beaming through the window>.
  • Glow sugiere brillar con una luz y calor sostenido pero generalmente sin llama <coals glowing in the fireplace>.

flash adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
flash adjective

  • flash floods in the local area

Synonyms of
flash adjective

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Reverse translation for flash

destello  (de luz) - flash, sparkle, twinkle, glimmer, hint 
fogonazo  (de una explosión) - flash, explosion 
despedir  - to see off, to show out, to dismiss, to fire, to give off, to emit 
lanzar  (una luz) - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
transmitir  (un mensaje) - to transmit, to broadcast, to transmit, to broadcast, to pass on, to transfer 
destellar  - to sparkle, to flash, to glint, to twinkle 
brillar  - to shine, to sparkle 
relampaguear  - to flash 
repentino  - sudden 
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