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sharp adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
afilado, filoso; cortante, fuerte; agudo, listo, perspicaz; duro, severo; brusco, repentino; nítido, definido; anguloso (dícese de la cara); sostenido (en musica)

Example sentences of
sharp adjective

  • We expect a sharp drop in temperature.
  • He took a sharp left turn.
  • There was a sharp curve in the road.
  • Her cheerful mood stands in sharp contrast to her dreary surroundings.

Detailed synonyms for sharp adjective

Sharp, keen, acute significan tener o demostrar una competencia alerta y una comprensión clara.
  • Sharp indica una percepción rápida, inventiva ingeniosa, o a veces una astucia taimada <not well educated but very sharp>.
    antonyms: dull, blunt
  • Keen connota rapidez, entusiasmo y una mente perspicaz y penetrante <a keen observer of politics>.
    antonyms: blunt
  • Acute indica el poder de penetración, y puede connotar sutileza, profundidad y perspicacia <an acute sense of rhythm>.
    antonyms: obtuse

sharp adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
en punto

Example sentences of
sharp adverb

  • be there at four o'clock sharp

sharp noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
sostenido (en musica)

Example sentences of
sharp noun

  • the computer sharp that the rest of the staff turns to whenever their PCs act up

Related phrases for sharp

Reverse translation for sharp

afilado  - sharp, long, pointed 
filoso  - sharp 
cortante  - cutting, sharp 
fuerte  - strong, intense, loud, extreme, excessive 
agudo  - acute, sharp, shrill, high-pitched, clever, shrewd 
listo  - ready, clever, smart 
perspicaz  - shrewd, perspicacious 
duro  - hard, tough, harsh, severe 
severo  - harsh, severe, strict, stark 
brusco  - sudden, abrupt, curt, brusque 
repentino  - sudden 
nítido  - clear, vivid, sharp 
definido  - definite, well-defined 
anguloso  (dícese de la cara) - angular, sharp 
sostenido  (en musica) - sustained, prolonged, sharp (in music) 
sostenido  (en musica) - sharp (in music) 
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